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Mission Specific IT Services

Blue Canopy offers deep knowledge and experience, and proven IT excellence to deliver technical services supporting the national security interests of the U.S. Military and Warfighter missions. We can manage complex programs, integrate large teams, build and maintain enterprise systems, and deliver innovative and timely solutions to help solve your most challenging mission requirements. We are passionate about delivering the level of solutions that can lead to enhanced quality and an improved mission capability:Mission IT Specific Services Graphic

  • Reduce costs by automating and optimizing daily manual tasks
  • Accelerate delivery with our subject matter experts that are industry leaders in helping you expedite the systems accreditation process
  • Gain mission innovation based on cutting-edge commercial technology
  • Leverage scalable and customizable solutions accommodating mission threads
  • Support users and analysts with products they will want and use

We can help you justify the implementation of a new process or technology, and determine your return on investment:

  • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) – Our thorough analysis model offers a disciplined approach to evaluating business alternatives to achieve desired results. We focus on identifying and analyzing realistic alternatives which we evaluate against consistent measures of effectiveness, cost, schedule, concepts of operations, and overall risk, with sensitivity to key assumptions and variable changes.
  • Business Transformation and Modernization – Our knowledge and experience can help you make critical organizational changes and updates. We use best practices and proven methods to reach your desired benefits and results.
  • Business Case Analysis – Our holistic business case analysis support can help you determine whether resources and funding should be dedicated to an investment. Our services align with your strategic objectives and help you make informed capital investment decisions.
  • Enterprise Performance Measurement Strategy – Our Enterprise Performance Measurement Strategy is proactive and agile.  We can measure and analyze your mission and help identify the metric indicators of success to better define and align operations with strategic goals.  
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