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Cloud & Mobility

“I would rate the Blue Canopy Security team an ‘11 out of 10’ for technical excellence. They bring innovation and a sense of collaboration we have not seen in a while.” – C-level Government Executive

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Cloud Computing enables organizations to store data securely, create opportunities for rapid innovation, and leverage on-demand scalability, while lowering costs. Operating at the intersection of mission and technology, Blue Canopy is a trusted Cloud Service Broker (CSB) that can help you discover the true value of Cloud Computing. We use your business strategy and mission objectives as our guiding factors, for determining solution alternatives.

Blue Canopy makes it easier, more secure, and less costly to choose and manage cloud services, particularly in multi-cloud environments. We can help define your business and technical requirements while evaluating infrastructure and security profiles offered by cloud service provider to select the right service to meet your needs.

Cloud & Mobility Success
Blue Canopy performed risk assessments for a major federal agency that was adopting cloud computing, including testing malware defense and anti-phishing capabilities, and developing mechanisms to detect and prevent threats.

Blue Canopy’s program and support led to the federal agency successfully adopting cloud computing, better scaling demand and significantly lowering costs.

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