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Business (Data) Analytics

Data Analytics
Business analytics is a balance of art and science; the Blue Canopy approach offers effective solutions that can harvest, visualize, link, and analyze unstructured data.  We facilitate “decision-driven analytics” to determine the best representation of data that can be easily understood and quickly digested.  We provide the tools and expert guidance to identify the types of analytics that will help you make the right decisions for your business.

Big Data Analytics Success
Blue Canopy provided a federal security agency with technical database support in developing and executing queries against historical data to identify and implement Big Data research and sourcing services.

The Blue Canopy technical support specialists successfully served as a primary interface between the agency and over 20,000 intelligence analysts end users as they researched unstructured data.

Big Data Alanytics Graphic

Data Intelligence Application Development
One of our nation’s largest Intelligence organizations needed the ability to leverage progress made in data consolidation to provide analysts with an enterprise web application focused on data discovery, collaboration, and advanced data visualizations.   Blue Canopy’s advanced data analytics application successfully aligned policy, process, and technology into a user-friendly, rich visualization environment to optimize the analytical workflow of intelligence professionals.

Data Visualization and Link Analysis
Blue Canopy Big Data Architecture and PaaS implementations enable users to select among a myriad of available tools to visualize and analyze data.   To access your data, Blue Canopy offers custom web based applications, with rapid plug-and-play interfaces into multiple open source and commercial tools.

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