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Big Data Technology Innovation

Blue Canopy’s enterprise-scale decision support platform, BlueFusion™, incorporates both traditional and agile methodologies to produce a high-quality, high-level business solution. This hybrid methodology builds the solution in short, iterative cycles. Staying true to our passion of partnering with our clients and delivering outcomes that make a difference, we follow a close collaborative approach from beginning to completion that result in high-quality, high-business priority solutions that end-users can incorporate as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • Leverages a W3C standards, ontology-based framework
  • Combines both traditional and agile methodologies drawing on extensive data analytics systems development experience 
  • Users are granted access through both thin clients and a range of mobile devices
  • Architecture allows existing software investments to be fully leveraged
  • Hosted on premise through physical hardware on in the Cloud
  • Offers a wide range of analytics tools

Applied Analytics Creating Anticipatory Intelligence in a Big Data Environment with Blue Canopy Blue Fusion™
As the imperative for data-driven decision-making increases, decision analytics serve to help answer strategic business questions that must weigh tradeoffs, be mindful of trends, and rely on proven statistical correlations. Because of this, the analytical process must begin with a “decision-driven design” approach that blends existing and new software capabilities, technical skill, and data scientist driven business insights.

Current trends in commercial and U.S. government computing infrastructures have focused on the use of scalable, distributed storage and processing. Deploying platforms, like Hadoop, without an intrinsic understanding of the analytic answers the end user is seeking, leaves valuable business opportunities unaddressed. Big Data's potential is best realized when combined with a Data Fusion & Analytics solution that provides “data that’s fit for use.”

EIM graphicBlue Canopy has been engaged by multiple clients to modernize the systems and techniques used to conduct missions with a variety of analytic tools. Blue Canopy’s vision of analytics is a continuum that starts with the acknowledgement of results generated by various business functions must serve a purpose of delivering:

Hindsight – Making data available quickly to understand and improve the business

Insight – Understanding what is currently happening or has happened

Foresight – Proactive analytics and trending built into management processes

Big Data is no longer just a trend focused on a single technology or storage solution; it has become an integral challenge of managing business information. Blue Canopy can help you find the right strategy and tools to tackle Big Data challenges. Our client-focused thought leaders and innovators offer a unique, holistic and collaborative approach featuring Big Data innovations and Data Analytics solutions to enable smart, effective data-driven decisions across your enterprise.

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