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Agile Development

“Blue Canopy does a great job of risk management to ensure that stated timelines are met. When factors have impacted the schedule, [they] do a fantastic job of adjusting resources and priorities to ensure that the timeliness and quality of the deliverable is not affected.” – Federal Government Program Manager

Agile Development Graphic

Blue Canopy offers deep Agile Development expertise for more rapid and mission impacting project delivery. Our approach to Agile is a prime example of our easy to do business with reputation put into practice. Instead of dictating a strict development methodology, we focus on the best way to deliver the outcomes that matter to you by aligning a delivery process and staff to capitalize on your in-house mission expertise and existing environments.

Many organizations face challenges when transitioning to an Agile Development methodology. Our simplified solution can help you implement Agile principles while staying within your preferred framework. By directly integrating users into the process, we are able to make necessary material changes along the way, as well as accommodate emerging requirements.

Agile Development Success
Blue Canopy executed Agile Development in a virtualized environment for an independent federal agency, to deliver SharePoint site development.

The Blue Canopy team delivered a SharePoint platform upgrade as well as a migration to Amazon’s cloud computing environment (AWS) for hosting.

We can swiftly implement Agile concepts within unique environments, selecting the appropriate and affordable methodology, tools, languages, and capabilities that you need. The Blue Canopy Agile solution emphasizes communication, collaboration, and integration between development and operations so that knowledge is transparent and shared.

Our holistic approach takes into account every project aspect, including cost, timeframe, life expectancy of equipment, security, and changing user needs. We develop systems to ensure they are easily adaptable and scalable to your needs. You can benefit from enabling rapid and iterative solution development in response to changing requirements and priorities.

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